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Maintenance Solutions is been a trusted engineering & maintenance company of power generation maintenance professionals for over 10 years. Our clients are given expert solutions for maintenance and descaling services which has helped us to establish an impressive track record of success and accomplishment. Our clients varied by different types of industries in the market; power plant, fertilizer plant, pharmaceutical, cement, food and beverage other Industries. We are devoted to solve the problems of our clients that are unique in nature and displays challenges that requires maintenance expertise and experiences to solve with optimum performance. 

Our Service List:

1. Descaling Service with smart technology.

2. Descaling equipment supply.

3. Water treatment service for all water-cooling equipment.

4. Overhauling Contract.

5. Online leak inspection & repair.

6. Power Station erection job.

7. Supply of tools and spares.

8. Equipment troubleshooting.

9. Supply of quality work force.

10. Equipment maintenance contract.

11. Technical solution and proper selection of spares.

12. MOV, control valve, actuator and any type of valves.

13. Online safety v/v test, metal crack repair, NDT test.

14. Boiler, Turbine, generator & all auxiliary maintenance.

15. 0.4    KV~6.6 KV motor driven pump & motor overhauling.

16. Having good communication with international manufacturer we can provide spares as per specification specially all kind of power plant, marine equipment.


Descaling Services:

Goodway’s ScaleBreak, a revolutionary descaler, will safely and quickly dissolve water formed deposits from your facilities water operated equipment. ScaleBreak is fortified with powerful low foaming, wetting and penetrating agents and contains superior corrosion inhibitors. ScaleBreak is fast, biodegradable, economical and efficient. During the normal process of operation, equipment that depends on water for heat transfer or cooling can encounter water formed deposits. These deposits create an insulating barrier minimizing heat transfer which correlates to decreased efficiencies and increased operating costs.

Maintenance Solutions is leading Goodway’s Scalebreak. Maintenance Solutions is successfully providing descaling solutions to various types of industries; power plants, fertilizer plants, cement, textile, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and other industries. Scale break will quickly dissolve deposits such as calcium, lime and rust into a liquid suspension allowing them to be freely removed from water passages and heat transfer surfaces. ScaleBreak is safe for use on steel, brass, copper, buna, viton, teflon, nickel, EPDM, rubber, ceramic, titanium, cast iron, copper nickel, admiralty brass, plastic and many other materials commonly found in water-based systems. By circulating ScaleBreak within your water operated machinery there is no need for disassembly.


Water Treatment

Chemiphase, UK - specializes in manufacturing innovative chemical solutions for various industrial sectors and was established in 1991. Their commitment to provide the highest standard of chemicals at the most competitive prices, has remained constant.  Chemiphase specializes in manufacturing a range of fuel additives, oilfield chemicals, cleaning chemicals, industrial maintenance chemicals and water treatment chemicals.

Maintenance Solutions is the exclusive distributor of the world beating chemical products of Chemiphase. Maintenance Solutions has been supplying these products in various industries in Bangladesh for over a decade and maintaining good reputation.


Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning

TURBOTECT is a manufacturer of superior quality, water-based, gas turbine compressor cleaner designed for both ON LINE and OFF-LINE applications. It provides extremely high cleaning performance that is comparable to solvent-based products. TURBOTECT is formulated from a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants and emulsifiers in a biodegradable water-based system. The product has been specially designed to address the types of fouling commonly found in today’s gas turbines, where deposits are typically compact mixtures of various salts with urban and industrial pollutants, hydrocarbons, and other carbonaceous materials. TURBOTECT is a low-foaming product, and the wash fluid may be used cold or hot.

Maintenance Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Turbotect and distributing the product in power plants with well reputation.

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