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Since our inception, Maintenance Solutions has successfully achieved a place in the industrial sector as a leading engineering and maintenance company. It is our pleasure to bring you a highly experienced and qualified professional engineering team dedicated for ground-breaking strategy and constant improvement by delivering expert solutions and services.

We are a team of professionals engaged in descaling services and marketing them along with servicing the equipment according to the necessity of our clients. Maintenance Solutions was established in 2006 with a Vision to be the successful marketing leader for quality descaling solution, maintenance product, water treatment, Non-Destructive Inspection products and special lubrication in Bangladesh market by giving untiring efforts with its expert marketing team. Our maintenance and descaling solution products not only ensure promising safety standards but also, they come with first rate quality standards and the performance level is extremely satisfying. We also retain well reputation in the market for providing high quality services with our experienced and highly trained engineering team. We are working on accepting new challenges and quite successfully overcoming them and flourishing in the market. We are looking forward to achieve greater success in the future.  

Our Mission:

1. Providing descaling solutions to our valued clients with ensuring maximum environmental safety.

2. Increasing sales, wealth maximization with continuously improved marketing strategy.

3. Providing the best possible engineering & maintenance in the mechanical, electrical & other sectors using our in-depth experience.

4. Cause no harm to your equipment and machineries to ensure customer satisfaction. 

5. Adding value to our work and ensuring commitment to our clients.

6. Building long-standing relationship with our clients.


Our Vision:

Maintenance Solutions is looking for establishing itself as a leading engineering and maintenance company in the field of Bangladesh industry by giving determined and dedicated efforts with its highly experienced team and pioneering maintenance & cutting-edge servicing strategy.

Research & Development:

We have a dedicated Research & Development department where our researchers are continuously working for updated solutions in order to better serve our clients. Whenever necessary, we collect sample scale deposits and then analyze the form of deposit so that we can deliver custom made solutions for every unique nature of problems with proper research.


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